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What services do you provide?  

Nutrition consultation from first meeting onward to ensure you are your healthiest self throughout your pregnancy.

Extensive birth counseling for those who have faced great challenges in their past, be it emotional, physical or sexual. 

Monthly visits up to 28 weeks.  Weekly from 36-40 weeks.  After the 40th week visits are twice a week, depending on need. They usually last an hour or so.  All visits happen in the privacy of your own home.  No babysitters needed! 

We will also have a home visit around 36 weeks. This is where we have a comprehensive review of all aspects of the birthing, with anyone desiring to be present attending. We will go over it all in 2-4 hours.

At the onset of labor, I will be in constant contact with you to make sure we are all on the same page regarding your progress.

I will provide a birth tub for your convenience during labor and birth, as well as a single-use tub liner, custom fit to your pool.

Most births, I will have a second licensed midwife attend to ensure your greatest care, otherwise a senior student or qualified assistant will attend.

You are more than welcome to have whomever attend your birth as you desire.

If , by some small chance,  a hospital transport is needed, I will accompany you and support you until the birth of your baby.

I will provide all the necessary paperwork for the birth certificate and social security card.

I will provide the Newborn Screening in the comfort of your home at no additional cost.

We will connect for postpartum care after 24 hours, 72 hours, 2 weeks and 6 weeks. These will take from 1-2 hours and be conducted at your home. 

You are welcome to borrow any of the many books I have collected over the years for your growth and education during this special time. 

Your entire care as detailed above will be available online, through Maternity Neighborhood,  at all times for your review throughout your pregnancy.

How safe is homebirth? Click here to read up on how safe a homebirth truly is. 

How much do you charge? We are happy to meet with you and discuss costs in person. I will say that we offer flexible payment plans according to your need, and that our fee is a single cost; even the California Newborn Screening is included and all your labs, regardless of if you have insurance.  We do all the visits in your home, and around your schedule so that both partners can attend. I believe we are below market rate! Although we don't take insurance we do help by providing an itemized bill and you have the option of going through our biller, Larsen Billing.

Where did you go to school? I went here!

What is a doula? Click here to read about exactly what a doula is.

Why have a doula? Here's a good explanation of why have a doula, especially first timers.

Where can I find a doula? You can find a Doula using this link


American Pregnancy Association

Bradley Classes

California Association of Midwives

Citizens for Midwifery


Kaya Birth Stool

La Leche League

Lara Carlos - Redlands - (909) 801-9145


National College of Midwifery

Outcomes of planned homebirth

Placenta Encapsulation

Survivors of sexual abuse and birth

Waterbirth International

World Health Organization


Radiance of The Womb -  Orange County - (949) 444-7131

Cord Blood Banking:

The Cord Blood Center


Dr. Anastasia Landers - Orange County -Brea (714) 931-0475

Dr. Jennifer Angell - Orange County - Newport (949) 445-5341

Dr.  Anne Lundquist - Orange County - City of Orange (714) 633-1648

Dr. Scott Waddell - Orange County - Laguna Niguel (408) 234-9349

Dr. Sherri Papa - Orange County - Costa Mesa (949) 584-5683

Dr. Slivana Balsimelli - Orange County - Costa Mesa (714) 393-0978

Dr. Abbey Ramsey - Inland Empire - Rancho Cucamonga (909) 375-7657

Dr. Timothy Stein - Inland Empire - Redlands, CA (909) 645-4491 (Pediatric)